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How to Log In & Dashboard Tour

  • How To Log In and Out
  • Left Navigation Bar
  • Dashboard Tabs

Selling Smart Units by StorageDefender

  • Create Smart Units
  • Offer Customers Smart Units first
  • Review all monthly itemized costs

How to Add a New Renter & Renter Management

  • How to add a new Renter
  • Disabled a Renter that has not paid
  • Change or update Renter details
  • Delete a Renter

Filling out an Alert Form

  • Yellow Alert
  • Orange Alert
  • Submitting an Alert Form

Device Maintenance

Earning Shield Badges

Setting Up Or Changing Facility Information

  • Facility Profile
  • Escalation Phone Number

Creating Smart Units and Demo Units

Introducing Storage Defender

Introducing Storage Defender Extended Edition

Proper Placement of the StorageDefender Device

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